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A La Carte (02/22)

Wednesday February 22, 2006

Audio: John Piper extends his personal thanks to all those who prayed for him when he faced surgery last week. He also reports on his progress.

Evolution: Rick Pearcey reports on a Darwinian Meltdown Over Intelligent Design. “High profile atheists and evolutionists Daniel Dennett and Richard Dawkins “are absolute disasters in the fight against intelligent design.” So says equally high profile skeptic Michael Ruse, philosophy professor at Florida State University…”

Humor: James over at TeamPyro gives “26 ways in which doing IT Support is better than being a pastor.” “Everyone is fairly clear on what your job actually is: fix their computer so they can get back to work, or work better.” Say what? It seems obvious to me that he has not done much IT support!

Humor Bonus: MSN Careers lists 15 really bad excuses people have actually used to skip work for a day. I kind of like, “I was walking my dog and slipped on a toad in my driveway and hurt my back.”

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