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A La Carte (06/22)

Thursday June 22, 2006

Review: Kevin Cawley has a good review (G-rated) of Mark Driscoll’s “Confessions of a Reformission Rev.” He softballs the issue of crudeness (and seems to blame the buzz about that issue on Fundies), but still concludes that “Mark’s approach often appears to be the opposite of judicious.”

Music: Bob Kauflin posted some information about the upcoming “Valley of Vision” CD and even included some sound clips and a trailer. Check it out!

Church: JollyBlogger points out that the PCA General Assembly is pretty boring this year. The SBC passed a statement against the consumption of alcohol and the PCUSA has “sort of” opened the doors to ordaining homosexuality. Yeesh. Anything the PCA does will be tame in comparison (I hope).

Technology: The “New York Times” reports that MySpace will begin to work towards protecting underage users of their technology. “Next week, the site will restrict how users over 18 can contact those aged 14 and 15.” It isn’t much, but at least it’s a start.

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