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A La Carte (07/19)

Wednesday July 19, 2006

Church: “Understand the Times” has a lengthy article explaining why Calvary Chapels have decided to pull Purpose Driven materials from Calvary Distribution.

Culture: Derek Thomas at Reformation21 writes about a British clergyman who kissed a young girl on the cheek. “The deed was done in a public setting when the child, who had struggled in a mathematics class, had done well. The 58 year-old clergyman was accused by politically correct social workers of ‘inappropriate touching’ and placed under investigation.”

Theology: The Thirsty Theologian is beginning a series on alcohol. Among the issues he will discuss are: “Is drinking alcoholic beverages a sin? Is abstinence a higher standard? Is moderation acceptable, but abstinence wiser? Are the ‘rules’ different now than they were in ‘Bible times?’ What about the ‘weaker brother?’”

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