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A La Carte (08/04)

Friday August 4, 2006

Eschatology: Jason of Fide-O fame, having recently adopted an amillennial understanding of the end times, has written an article explaining this viewpoint. He also lists many highly-regarded Christians who share the belief.

Evangelism: John R. Sittema has an interesting article entitled “Popeye, Evangelism, and the Reformed Faith.” He “offers some practical thoughts on evangelism
and why reformed people have such difficulties with it.”

Humor: A reader of this site, David, sends along “the ultimate boss key” for the internet surfing office worker. Workfriendly will copy the contents of a web page to what looks like Microsoft Word. It’s amazing how much time people will invest in brilliant responses to sinful desires!

Blogging: Is it just me, or is the blogosphere pretty quiet these days? I suppose summer is coming to an end for many Americans and perhaps they are distracted with real life. Either way, it has been a tad difficult gathering A La Carte items!

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