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A La Carte (10/15)


Wishing - This was very helpful to me: “Many times I have found myself wishing for a stronger desire for God. I wish I had a stronger desire to fellowship with Him, to serve Him, worship Him, and to read and obey His Word. I use the word ‘wish’ because I’ve realized that sometimes that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. Wishing. And in case you didn’t know, wishing really doesn’t get you anywhere.” Keep reading it!

New City Catechism - The Gospel Coalition takes the wraps off a new catechism. “We decided to adapt Calvin’s Geneva Catechism, the Westminster Shorter and Larger Catechisms, and especially the Heidelberg Catechism, to produce New City Catechism. While giving exposure to some of the riches and insights across the spectrum of these great Reformation-era catechisms, New City Catechism also looks at some of the questions people are asking today.”

memverse - If you’re looking for help with Scripture memorization, this site may be just the ticket.

Why Is It Dark at Night? - If the sky is full of bright stars, why is it dark at night? I hadn’t ever considered the question until I read this article.

The Purpose of Work - Gene Veith: “According to Luther, the purpose of every vocation is to love and serve one’s neighbor. The farmer tills the ground to provide food to sustain his neighbor’s life. The craftsman, the teacher, the lawyer–indeed, everyone who occupies a place in the division of labor–is providing goods and services that neighbors need. This is God’s providential ordering of society. But for a Christian, the service rendered can become animated with love.”

Changing Song Lyrics - Bob Kauflin explains why you can’t just go changing the lyrics to someone else’s song.

The opposite of retaliation is to entrust ourselves to God, who judges justly. —Jerry Bridges

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