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A La Carte (10/16)

He’ll Love Us Now - “It is not hard for me to believe God has put away all my old failures that occurred before new birth. What is hard is to believe that God continues to put away all my present failures that occur after new birth.” Dane Ortlund goes to Romans 5 to find great news for sinning Christians.

Parenting Teens - Aileen and I are still a few months away from parenting a teenager, but these lessons in grace seem no less applicable to us.

Chill Out, Moms - Stephen Altrogge offers food for thought for moms.

Except for Adultery - Bill Mounce offers counsel that a lot of people need to heed: “If someone claims that the Greek says something that none of the translations say, dismiss their idea and walk away. Perhaps if they are commentary writers or scholars, their argument might have some validity; but I am always suspect of someone who bases their interpretation on any basis that you are not able to check.”

Nobel Prize Winners - Based on this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, Gene Veith proposes some of next year’s potential candidates.

Honorable Leadership - Joel Beeke has an excellent article about honor. “I stared in disbelief at my laptop last night as our Vice President interrupted Congressman Paul Ryan 96 times in about as many minutes of debate. When I observed his arrogance, his degrading laughter, his angry responses, and his dismissive attitude, I was deeply troubled.”

Character may be manifested in the great moments, but it is made in the small ones. —Phillips Brooks

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