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A La Carte (10/23)


What’s Your Hurry? - A good article about always being in a hurry: “Through most of the time I’ve been on this earth (51 years), people couldn’t get a constant flow of information and stimulation from electronic screens, much less screens they could hold in their hand wherever they went. Live like that every day, and it changes you. But the trend has been going for a longer time than I’ve been around.”

Things Invented for the Military - Here are 9 things that we use every day that were originally designed by or for the military.

Ten Reasons For Expository Preaching - Here are ten reasons for expository preaching as collected by the late Dr. E.K. Bailey of the Concord Church in Dallas.

With the upcoming election, many Christians are thinking about Christianity and politics. You may like to take a look at Mark Dever’s much-lauded sermon on Mark 12:13-17 and/or Mike Bullmore’s message on how Christians should think about the upcoming election.

Ponte Tower - I could understand only 2 of the 3 people featured in this video, but found it an interesting look at Ponte Tower, a Johannesburg landmark.

Christian love is never theoretical or abstract; it is always practical. —Alexander Strauch

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