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A La Carte (10/29)

Behold Your God - Behold Your God is a new video series that looks quite interesting. It features Paul Washer, Conrad Mbewe and a few other people. “Behold Your God is a 12-week study for churches, small groups, families or individuals containing 12 DVD sessions that are reinforced by a 12-week daily workbook. Each week’s lesson is preceded by a brief historical profile of a notable man or woman of God such as George Muller, A. W. Tozer, Samuel Rutherford, Charles Spurgeon…”

Canon Press Sale - Canon Press is having a 5-day sale on a variety of items, some of which are marked down up to 92%. I am not too familiar with their catalog, so can’t make a lot recommendations. Wordsmithy and Evangellyfish are both worth a look, though.

When a Daughter Dies - Steven Levitt of Freakonomics fame recently saw his sister succumb to cancer. “My father (who is a doctor) was realistic from the start about what modern medicine might be able to do to save his precious daughter from cancer.  Even with those low expectations, he was shocked at how impotent — and actually counterproductive — her interactions with the medical system turned out to be.” It is a poignant and humbling article in that way.

Smartphones and Bad News - “Texting and instant messaging make it easier to navigate our social lives, but they are also turning us into ill-mannered flakes. Not long ago, the only way to break a social engagement, outside of blowing off someone completely, was to do it in person or on the phone. An effusive apology was expected, or at least the appearance of contrition.” But not anymore…

The Most Amazing Translator - Bill Mounce has met a lot Bible translators in his life. He writes about the most amazing of them all.

How do we bring glory to God? The Bible’s short answer is: by growing more and more like Jesus Christ. —Sinclair Ferguson

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