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A La Carte (10/30)

Yesterday I linked to a whole collection of Kindle deals from Zondervan. However, the deals took a couple of hours to go into effect. If you gave up waiting, you may want to take another look since those deals are all short-lived.

If I Was Falsely Accused - I appreciated David’s thoughts on what he would do—or want to do—if he was facing false accusations of immorality. The question is, would we immediately assume the worst of him, or would we choose to believe the best until the worst had been proven?

A Year of Biblical Womahood - Kathy Keller has written a very honest and helpful review of Rachel Held Evans’ new book A Year of Biblical Womanhood. NOTE: The link will be live soon.

9.5 Theses - Here’s a great article from Carl Trueman. “So, in honour of the good Doctor [Martin Luther] and in the cause of saving him from the domesticated historiography of the Beautiful Young Things, here are a series of theses about  the Wittenberger, the cumulative force of which is to prove that in today’s evangelical world he would have made a most excellent taxi driver.” I guess you’ll need to read it to make sense of that.

The State of the Bookstore - Here are 12 stats on the state of the bookstore. “There’s a lot of room for improvement, but not everything is doom and gloom for America’s bookstores, as you’ll learn from these stats.”

The Only Thing I Know - “They say God gave Pearl her bright red hair and wide blue eyes, as well as the genetic disorder that created a cleft in her upper lip and caused her brain’s development to stall in the first weeks in the womb. ‘Things didn’t go wrong,’ Eric Brown said. ‘God has designed Pearl the way he wanted, for his glory and our good.’”

Why We Trick or Treat - I’m with Jesse on this one and reason my way through Halloween in much the same way.

No one has made progress in the school of Christ who does not joyfully await the day of death and final resurrection. —John Calvin

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