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A La Carte (10/8)

If You Think You’ve Arrived - Paul Tripp’s weekly reflection for pastors is good reading for every Christian. “There are times when I am too self-aware and not nearly as Christ-aware as I should be. I still struggle with latent self-righteousness , and the praise of others tends to confirm the praise for myself I still carry around in my heart. So I still cry out for help. I still need to be rescued from me. I still have but one hope: the transforming grace of Jesus Christ.”

Gospel Amnesia - I appreciated Luma Simms’ article on gospel amnesia: “You don’t need to have full-blown gospel amnesia like I did to despise other women, tear them down, and pass judgment on their choices. When we forget the gospel and turn away from the charity and grace we are called to have for one another we can turn into women who look sideways at each other.”

Better Than Our Comfort - Mark Altrogge shows that Jesus is working toward something far better than our comfort.

Kingdom-Focused Prayer - Archie Parrish, writing for Tabletalk magazine: “What makes a ‘big’ prayer? A multitude of words doesn’t do it. Only prayers that are consistent with God’s character and focus on advancing God’s kingdom can truly be called ‘big.’”

Enjoying Rest - Randy Alcorn writes about rest now and the rest to come.

Deep Roots Library - Deep Roots Library, which exists “to serve the Church by  making writings from Christian history accessible, readable, affordable, and searchable,” is offering 15 free ebooks to pastors.

Heavenly Identity - This is really well done.

Heavenly Identity from The Branch Corvallis on Vimeo.

We are more concerned about looking stupid (a fear of people) than we are about acting sinfully (fear of the Lord). —Ed Welch

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