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A La Carte (1/11)

Since you people are all over the Kindle deals, let me tell you about a couple more. Shepherd Press has marked all their Kindle titles at $3.99 (that link will produce most of their books but some junk as well). Many of the books were on sale last month, so you may have already stocked up. But three titles that were not on sale last month are now marked down: Polishing God’s Monuments by Jim Andrews is a wonderful book (you can read my review by clicking on the link and scrolling down); you can also get Time for the Talk by Steve Zollos (a brand new title) and Broken-Down House by Paul David Tripp.

Judging the Morality of God - James White has a strong article over at Patheos: “When Roger Olson announced he was releasing a book, part of a two-book counter-point effort along with Michael Horton, titled Against Calvinism, there was hope for something that might engage the real strength of Reformed theology—the clear and consistent exegesis of the biblical text that the “young, restless and Reformed” have found so compelling. But even before its release, Dr. Olson gave clear indication that its focus was not going to be exegetical.”

Credo Magazine - The January edition of the new Credo magazine is available and free to read. Highlights include a couple of good articles on Love Wins and a really good review of Real Marriage (that adds a couple of new elements to the discussion).

Your Mediocre Sermons - This was comforting to read, especially since I read it while taking a break from sermon preparation.

A Moving Tribute - Pastor Martin Holdt went home to be with the Lord last week after a sudden and short illness. This is a beautiful tribute written by his son.

Learing from Christopher Hitchens - Al Mohler draws five important lessons from the life of Christopher Hitchens.

Narnia 4 - It looks like it will be a few years at best before we see another Narnia movie. I still need to catch up and see the last one.

The Joy of Books - Try and do this with a Kindle!

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