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A La Carte (11/1)


This month’s free book from ChristianAudio is What Is The Mission of the Church? by Greg Gilbert and Kevin DeYoung. That’s a no-brainer!

Now here are some articles you may want to read:

Christians Are Sinners Too - Here’s the best line from an article at the Westminster Seminary blog: “We not only believe in total depravity, we practice it too!” Ain’t that the truth.

In Plain View - A reader just made me aware of this article by Malcolm Gladwell. Gladwell simply goes looking for an answer to this question: how do child molesters get away with it? He looks especially at Jerry Sandusky. Be warned that the article is rather disturbing. But it’s also very, very important to understand how molesters get away with their crimes.

Why Zombies Matter - In case you haven’t noticed, zombies are all the rage in pop culture today. Russell Moore tells us why this matters.

Bluestocking Feminism - Doug Wilson looks at Rachel Held Evans’ new book and offers a devastating critique. “I think we have better things to do than learn about biblical womanhood from someone who is having trouble with distinguishing subjects from predicates. This is a caliber of exegesis that thinks that Jesus went to Capernaum might mean that Capernaum went to Jesus. Who can be sure? Scholars differ on this controversial point.”

Those who give much without sacrifice are reckoned as having given little. —Erwin Lutzer

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