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A La Carte (11/15)

iPhone at the Dinner Table - A common problem: “A story ran in the Washington Post about diners dating their iPhone’s. The article explores solo diners who turn digital devices into companions while eating. Several chefs interviewed in the story expressed disdain with the practice, and some, including four-star chef Cathal Armstrong, admitted to indulging their devices while dining themselves — but only between courses, of course.”

Kindle Fire Review - WIRED has a not-entirely-positive review of the new Kindle Fire. “These lucky few will bask in early adopter bliss. They will issue themselves hearty high-fives for having the foresight to purchase the year’s hottest gadget, sight unseen. And then they will marvel at a device that really does bring something fresh and clever to the tablet space — namely, an insanely low price.” Others, like PC Mag, love it.

Elephant and Man’s Best Friend - Don’t we all enjoy stories like this one?

Screwtape - Max McLean continues to perform Screwtape all around the US of A. From all I’ve heard, it’s well worth taking in a performance if it comes to a city near you.

The Cosby Show - Kevin DeYoung reminded me of this great clip from the Cosby Show.

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