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A La Carte (11/2)

Keeping Up with the Mondays - I have found great value in marking Sundays as a day set apart from the rest of the week. It was no surprise, then, that I enjoyed this article where Cap Stewart explains that the best way to beat a case of the Mondays is to enjoy a rest the day before.

Women of Grace - If you’re in the Toronto area, or know someone who is, you may be interested in knowing that my church is hosting a Women of Grace conference in April. It’s open to all women college-age and up and will feature Mary Kassian as the keynote speaker. It look like it will be a great event!

Logos 5 - Logos has just released the newest version of their Bible software. There are too many new features to list, so i’ll leave you to visit the site and check it out if that’s of interest to you.

Morocco - Frontline Ministries provides occasional updates on the persecution of Christians around the world. Here’s a short but important update from Morocco (where, in a population of over 30,000,000 there are only about 2,000 Christians).

Why Your Friends Are Pro-Choice - “I’m against abortion and will never have one. If one of my friends gets pregnant and wants an abortion, I will do everything I can to talk her out of it. But I don’t want the government involved in taking away a woman’s choice. I guess that’s why I’m against abortion and am pro-choice.” Scott Klusendorf provides an answer to a common objection.

To speak ill of others is a dishonest way of praising ourselves. —Will Durant

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