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A La Carte (11/25)

Friday November 25, 2005

Du Jour: Tim Irvin writes about “The Soap Opera Called ‘Blogging’ ” “The goal of blogging seems to have turned from posting something of practical benefit and edification…to posting something that attracts the most response and attention from readers.”

Du Jour Bonus: Steve Camp writes about Brian McLaren’s reinvention of Calvinism. If memory serves me correctly, I believe this article was first posted about a year ago. It is well worth reading.

Humor: Let Them Sing it For You is a funky little Flash program. It allows you to type in lyrics which will be performed by some of the world’s most famous singers. Try it for yourself!

Thanksgiving: Bob Kauflin, a newcomer to the blogosphere, shares a relevant modern hymn written by Keith Getty and Stuart Townend.

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