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A La Carte (11/26)

Cyber Monday - There are lots of Cyber Monday deals available today from Christian retailers. I’ve got a round-up underway; just click the link to see some of the most notable deals. One of the big ones is Amazon discounting the Kindle Fire, today only. 

Why Can’t India Feed Its People? - I heard about India’s inability to feed its people from many of the people I spent time with in India. This story looks at the issue.

Leading in Finances - “I’m addressing this article primarily to pastors and leaders to prompt some serious thinking about our ministries and finances, but I hope it will have lots of things to say to anyone and everyone about living generously and encouraging others to do so too.”

Enjoy this Time - I think most parents will be able to identify with what Elisha says in this article. Like every parent, she is always told, “Enjoy this time…”

Marriages Falling Apart - Deepak Reju provides a list of 10 ways that Satan just loves to watch marriages fall apart.

Good News of Great Joy - Here’s a free ebook from John Piper that will help prepare you for the advent season.

In the Rearview Mirror - There are good thoughts here from Staci Eastin: “Not long ago I was talking with a young mom who was discouraged by her husband’s long work hours. This happens to be a subject with which I’m familiar. Until just after our second child was born, my husband worked seven days a week for most of the year.”

In our sufferings for Christ there is joy, not so when we suffer for our sins. —John Trapp

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