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A La Carte (1/17)

Guilt Is a Chauffeur - Erik Raymond says that guilt is a chariot meant to drive you to the cross.

My First Arrest - Some of my favorite blogs are those that are written from the mission field. I enjoyed reading this article from a missionary serving in Togo. It describes his first, and hopefully his last, arrest.

Don’t Blame Wayne - “Wayne Dobson doesn’t have your cellphone. Even if it looks like he might. In the past two years the 59-year-old retiree has been pestered by people showing up at all hours of the day and night at his house, demanding their phones. They’ve yelled, shown him evidence, called the police - sworn that their phone is in his house.”

The Rise of Reformed Theology Among African Americans - “Reformed theology is nothing new. So why do more African Americans seem to be adopting it now?” Jemar Tisby offers 5 factors that have contributed.

Blogging Etiquette - This is a worthwhile read for anyone who runs a blog or anyone who comments on one.

Interview with Rosaria Butterfield - Marvin Olasky recently interviewed Rosaria Butterfield, author of The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert.

If you are idle in Christ’s work, you are active in the devil’s work. —C.H. Spurgeon

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