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A La Carte (1/20)

Some people are wondering about the state of my new book (The Next Story). Here’s a really brief update: It is in the final stages of production (page layout); it will release on April 1; it will be available soon with a great pre-order offer. So stay tuned and I’ll have details very soon.

The Ivey Family - This is a video worth watching.

Christian History Magazine - “Christian History Institute is relaunching the popular Christian History magazine with issue #100. Through fascinating, informative articles and captivating images we will explore the King James Version of the Bible and the 400th anniversary of its release. If you live in the United States, you can sign up to receive the new print version of this new issue of Christian History magazine FREE.” And if you live in Canada, you’re just plain out of luck.

What About the Twins? - Dr. Mohler writes about the deadly logic of abortion.

Turn Off Your Gadgets - A good article from Fast Company (though there are a couple of ugly words mixed in). “What are the opportunity costs of our digital addiction? Last Sunday, at a Keith Jarrett concert in Carnegie Hall, a magical musical moment is ruined by something very ordinary.”

Cheer the B Minus? - A writer for the Washington Post compares the parenting styles discussed in two recent books. It’s always interesting to see what parenting looks like without reference to the big picture given to us in the Bible.

Fatwa Against Pets - It would be interesting to compile a list of things that are banned in Iran (which must be one of the saddest countries on earth). Most recently “authorities have banned all advertisements for pets, pet food and other pet products.” Last summer they moved against hair styles, banning, among other things, the mullet.

Sarah Palin Battle Hymn - Words fail.

In Christ Alone - Here’s a brand new 10th anniversary edition of the great hymn “In Christ Alone.”

Our idols both covet what we do not have and hold on for dear life to what we do have. —David Powlison

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