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A La Carte (12/21)


Review of The Hobbit - Mel Duncan has written a great review of the new movie adaptation of The Hobbit. “By all means go see The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, then go see it again. You will recognize the story as vaguely Christian. But better yet read The Hobbit, especially to your children, as my brothers did to me growing up and as I have had the privilege to do to my own children.”

Dump the Myth, Keep the Merry - Phillip Jensen: “This Christmas the American Atheists have posted a large billboard in Times Square New York. It has two pictures: one of Santa Claus and the other of Jesus on the cross. The captions under the pictures are ‘Keep the Merry’ and ‘Dump the Myth’. Apart from having the captions under the wrong pictures, the sentiment is one I agree with.”

Is It Better to Walk or Run in the Rain? - Will you get wetter if you run in the rain or if you walk? Here’s a scientific explanation to that question.

Mentally Ill Teen Falls Through Gaps - Kim and Jason McGibbon are dear friends of ours, and they could sure use prayer support as they endure a very difficult time.

All Glory Be to Christ - Here, from King’s Kaleidoscope, is a song worth singing on New Year’s morning.

Peace is such a precious jewel that I would give anything for it but truth. —Matthew Henry

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