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A La Carte (12/28)

Where Was God’s Goodness in 2012? - Articles like this remind me why I have such respect for John Piper. “As this year ends, the question I am asking is: Where was God when so many good things happened this past year? … How can God be righteous and do so much good to us who are so unrighteous?”

From This Life to the Next - Steve Kryger has a fantastic article on New Year’s resolutions in this mainstream publication. He introduces Jonathan Edwards subtley and then full force. Well done!

Invisible Animals - “Whether they are hunters or the hunted, these cunning animals are all masters of disguise who can fool even the most beady-eyed passer by into believing they are not there.” There are some amazing pictures here.

The Hypostatic Union - Shai Linne shares a new track from a forthcoming album titled, appropriately, “Lyrical Theology.” You can listen to it for free.

The Quiet Place - Nancy Leigh DeMoss’ new daily devotional for women, The Quiet Place, is down to $5.99 on the Kindle. Also, a new ebook from Desiring God titled Still Not Professionals is available to download for free at Desiring God’s site.

2012 in Numbers - Joe Carter compiles a long list of numbers related to the year that was.

The more light that is given, the harder the human heart must become to reject it. —Erwin Lutzer