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A La Carte (1/23)

It’s been a week or two since we saw a lot of great Kindle deals; I guess they are most common at the beginning of a month, but here’s a recap of titles you may want to nab before the month is through: Shepherd Press has all their titles on sale at $3.99; Pilgrim’s Progress is on at $3.99; Disciplines of a Godly Man by Kent Hughes is at $3.99; No Other Gospel by Josh Moody is at $3.03; Big Truths for Young Hearts by Bruce Ware is $1.79; Piper’s Sex and the Supremacy of Christ is at $2.99.

History Lives - Here’s a late addition to A La Carte: The excellent five-volume series of church history books for kids is marked down to $2 each (Kindle edition). This is a limited-time deal so jump on it!

Trailblazer Biographies - Here’s one new Kindle deal: the Trailblazer Biographies for kids series is on at $2.99 each. You’ll find biographies of quite a few Christian heroes. They are targeted at ages 8-12.

Your Child and Porn - “Let’s say a dad came to see you for advice about his teenage son. He tells you his son has been sneaking out of bed late at night looking at porn on the computer. He’s put filters in place but his son seems to be able to get around them. How might you start advising this father?”

Abortion eBook - Desiring God has released a short, free ebook from John Piper called Exposing the Dark Work of Abortion. Also, here’s an article giving eight ways to live as pro-life Christians under a pro-choice President.

Alcorn and Guinness - Randy Alcorn has just wrapped up a three-part interview with Os Guinness. You can start here if you’d like to read it through. Guinness talks about living for the Audience of One, and the relationship between calling, markets, and morality.

Jesus Isn’t Safe - I like this! Matt Papa, who writes some great and weighty music, is going after Christian radio. “Mainstream christian radio is altogether banal and shallow in both a musical sense and a spiritual sense.  The songs are man-centered and the DJ’s and radio programmers are man-pleasers…..they play the songs that will attract the most listeners to their station, period.  Christian radio is like Joel Osteen in musical form….safe, happy, and untruthful.  It is the TBN of music…a large-scale, embarrassing presentation of Christianity to the world.” (here’s part two)

Not ignorance, but the ignorance of ignorance, is the death of knowledge. —Alfred Whitehead

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