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A La Carte (1/25)

Jesus, the Propitiation of God’s Wrath - “God propitiates his own wrath. Know anybody else like that? Will China pay off the US debt? Will any of the victims of Bernie Madoff personally pay his financial debts? When does the offended personally provide the means to take away his own offense? Only God. This is why he is love.”

Microwave Maturity - This is worthy of some reflection: “We can’t microwave people into maturity. They need to be marinated and often slow-roasted in the truth. After all, Jesus used the mustard seed to talk about the kingdom advancement.”

Mark Driscoll Isn’t My Pastor - First off, this article is neither for or against Mark Driscoll. I’ve read several like it over the years and think it is good to remind ourselves that the preachers we love but don’t know aren’t our pastors.

Work at Remembering - Barnabas Piper offers a great reminder that we need to consciously remember, we need to work at remembering.

2012 Bestsellers - Here are the bestselling Christian books of 2012. Read it and weep. 

Science and St. Helen’s - “St Helen’s Bishopsgate have produced a series of short videos on Science and the Christian named ‘Science - A personal view’. Various scientists from their congregation address common questions and misconceptions outsiders have regarding the gospel.”

God desires to exercise mercy as much as you desire to feel it. —Thomas Manton

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