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A La Carte (12/7)


Life’s Interruptions - Trevin Wax says that life’s interruptions are divine opportunities. “If you like to be in control of your circumstances, then you know what interruptions are like. They’re frustrating. They get in the way of your plan. They need to be avoided or discarded or dealt with as soon as possible so you can get back to being in control, right? Wrong.”

The Art of Pickpocketing - This is an amazing video as a master of pickpocketing shows just how easy it is. Front pocket, back pocket, it doesn’t matter. And, while we’re on a devious subject matter, here’s another video to watch: How to cheat so it looks like you’re solving a Rubic’s Cube. This is the kind of help I need.

Finding the Middle Ground - “In the world of media, two things sell well: good stories and extreme viewpoints. It makes sense that good stories sell, but why are extreme and polarizing stances so popular? Why do the most divisive voices garner the most attention? There is something about bombast and bluster that draw people like moths to a flame—and often with the same results.”

Why Are Things Cute? - Not surprisingly, science has an answer as to why we find things cute, and it’s actually rather interesting.

The Redemptive Power of the Gospel - Randy Alcorn gives an update on Steve Saint who, last year, was badly injured in an accident. (Note, I think he meant to link to this video).

Do not have your concert first and tune your instruments afterward.  Begin the day with God. —Hudson Taylor

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