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A La Carte (1/4)

Is the Pro-Life Cause Winning? - Russell Moore: “This week’s TIME magazine cover story announces that, forty years after Roe, the pro-life side is winning the abortion debate. I say, ‘Not so fast’.”

Starting a Pastoral Training Program - “Over the past couple years I’ve regularly received inquiries from pastors interested in starting a pastoral training program of their own. These conversations always encourage me. But they also remind me that getting started can be tough. Here’s some practical help for those interested in beginning an internship or training program at their church.”

The Calorie Content of Food - Have you ever wondered how they figure out how many calories are in your food? This article explains.

Advice to Young Converts - Steve McCoy begins his year with some Jonathan Edwards. “Most of us think of Resolutions this time of year, but his Advice to Young Converts is a nice, quick read and reminder toward what the aim of our lives as disciples of Jesus should be. Here are a few of my favorite points.”

How to Mortify Sin - Here is Sinclair Ferguson on how to mortify sin.

Saving His Own Soul First - I enjoyed this long article by Justice Hill who tells the life story of Ernest Wagner Jr.

God examineth with trials, the devil examineth with temptations, the world examineth with persecutions. —Henry Smith

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