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A La Carte (1/6)

Yesterday I saw the first endorsement for my book The Next Story. It comes courtesy of Dr. Michael Horton who says “There are many books evaluating the nature and impact of new media. There are many books on Christian discipleship.  However, this book brings these issues together, with profound simplicity and well-informed analysis. This is an important book not only for church leaders but for all of us who seek to understand how we are used by our technology as well as use it.”

Christianity Explored, 3rd Edition - Barry Cooper has information about the 3rd edition of Christianity Explored, which is just about ready for release.

iPad and Kindle - This article shows that the iPad has not proven the Kindle killer that some suspected it would be. It’s rather surprising to learn that 40% of iPad owners also own a Kindle. I guess both appeal to the technophile.

How Quick to Judge - Celebrating the birth of his daughter, my buddy Mark of Discerning Reader fame reflects on being judgmental. “In the words of Ecclesiastes 3:4, today I celebrate the birth of my fourth healthy child; at the same time I mourn my sinful heart. January 5th, 2011, will go down as one of the best days of my life, when my wife and I welcomed a beautiful baby girl into our family and into the world. Into God’s world. But I was quickly reminded of the falleness of God’s world; I discovered it in my own heart.”

The Future of the Music Business - This is an interesting article that outlines how much has changed in the music industry and how clever artists are adapting. I think this is the heart of it: “What Killola is learning is that making a living in music isn’t just about selling studio recordings anymore. It’s about selling the whole package: themselves.” (HT:Z)

The King and I - It’s not the most original idea ever, but it’s still interesting—an atheist is reading and blogging his way through the Bible in a year.

The Altar Call - This is satire, obviously:

Conversion is not the smooth, easy-going process some men seem to think it; otherwise man’s heart would never have been compared to fallow ground and God’s Word to a plough. —John Bunyan

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