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A La Carte (2/20)


7 Ways to Do a Bad Word Study - “How can a lay person (or pastor) know whether a word study is legitimate? Here are some bad ways to do a word study, courtesy of Dr. Jennings of Gordon Conwell and Dr. Grant Osborne of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School…”

God’s Everywhere Grace - David proposes that we rename “common grace.” “To help us prise open our eyes and hearts to God’s common grace, let’s start by renaming it. ‘Common’ sounds so, well, common. It could be read and heard in a demeaning way, as if it’s grace that’s not worth much, cheap grace as it were. So let’s call it ‘everywhere grace’.”

How To Become Pope - In case you’ve ever wanted to be pope, this video will tell you what steps you’ll need to take. Of course I don’t recommend you take any of them!

The Introverted Evangelist - I’m still working through the introvert / extrovert distinction, but appreciated this article. “We train folks to fit into a specific personality type and call it evangelism training. We are training people to be extrovert evangelists.”

CCEF Resources - Westminster Books has some great CCEF-related resources on sale. When People Are Big and God Is Small and Instruments In the Redeemer’s Hands are paradigm-shifting books.

What Is Love? - Whenever I do pre-marriage counseling I tell the groom-to-be, “I know you’d die for her, but are you willing to live for her?” This is what it looks like to live for her.

The Spirit’s work is to drive home to the heart and conscience what the mind understands. —Alwyn York

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