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A La Carte (3/10)

Yesterday was a busy day, with somewhere around 50,000 more people than usual dropping by the blog to read the review of Rob Bell’s Love Wins. And somehow my server stayed alive and healthy throughout. That has to be a first.

Plain Fear - Do you remember my proposal for a Christian Amish Vampire End Times novel (Cassidy: Amish Vampiress of the Tribulation)? Well, Plain Fear gets pretty close.

The Next Story: The First Review - This is, to my knowledge, the first review of my book The Next Story. And it’s encouraging: “If The Next Story has the same effect on you that it had on me, it will cause you repent of some of your technological habits, to refine many others, and to refocus your attention on the true goal of all that you do, both online and off – to bring glory to God.”

5 Questions to Ask a Depressed Person - David Murray offers some good starting points for counseling a person suffering from depression.

That Guy - You know when you watch a movie and see an actor you know you’ve seen before…but you don’t know who he is? Here’s a listing of some of the common character actors. (HT)

How a Calvinist Shares the Gospel - John Piper provides a little dialog that describes how a Calvinist might share the gospel.

Can a Person Be Evangelical and Not Believe in Hell? - R.C. Sproul Jr. answers that question, obviously a pertinent one today. “The difficult truth of the matter is that language, while actually having the ability to communicate, is not static. Words have real meanings, but those meanings are grounded both in history and in usage. Sometimes those two come apart, and a word is caught in the tension. ‘Evangelical’ is just one of those words.”

The Hand that Feeds Us - Michael Horton offers a brief reflection on technology and its proper place in our lives and churches.

Villanova’s Student Managers - A great little video clip.

Too many are willing to sit at God’s table, but not work in his field. —Vance Havner

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