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A La Carte (3/17)

The Forsaken Children - I don’t know much about this ministry, but I was moved to read a two part story of returning a kidnapped child to his family: Zor-zor and Zor-zor Part 2.

There Is No Overpopulation Problem - Here is an interesting perspective on the supposed overpopulation problem. “Focus on the population ‘problem’ is essentially a matter of the rich ‘downplay[ing] the importance of our own environmental footprint because future generations of poor people might one day have the temerity to get as rich and destructive as us.’”

Jonathan Edwards Center - Jonathan Edwards fanboys will want to take a look at the Jonathan Edwards Center at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

Death and Social Media - Ever wondered what would happen to your Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or GMail if you were to die? This article explains.

That Superbowl Commercial - Boundless has an update on that infamous Superbowl commercial.”It’s been over a month since Focus on the Family’s ad appeared in the Super Bowl. From time to time I hear comments that maybe Focus shouldn’t have placed the ad, or should have placed a more hard-hitting ad. ‘What good has it done?’ I hear some ask.”

R.C. Sproul on Roman Catholicism - For the past week, Dr. Sproul has been going through the series Roman Catholicism on his radio program, Renewing Your Mind, and will conclude the series on March 19. In this series, R.C. Sproul carefully and respectfully looks at the doctrines that are at the heart of the Catholic-Protestant divide.

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