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A La Carte (3/23)

My parents made the drive up from Tennessee yesterday and arrived just minutes ahead of a big snow storm. So here we are on March 23 with the schools closed and the kids at home. Tonight Aileen and I hop a plane and head for Orlando (for the Ligonier conference). From snow storms to sun and humidity. Sounds nice.

Challenges Facing the Gospel Coalition - Darryl Dash offers some interesting thoughts on challenges that will face The Gospel Coalition and the New Calvinism.

The Canary - Michael Wittmer: “Sexual sin is the canary in the coal mine, the first sign that something has gone haywire in our walk with Christ. Don’t laugh at lust. Repent before you do something really dumb.”

The Rapper in Rehab - Christianity Today has a good interview with rapper Lecrae. “Theology and rap are hardly kissing cousins. One is the purview of academics laboring in seminaries, the other was born in the South Bronx in the 70s. Turns out they were made for one another. Rising rap star Lecrae seamlessly blends gospel-saturated lyrics with the hooks of southern style hip-hop, and the result is something you have to hear to believe.”

Video Broadcasting on a Budget - My friend Jesse has written an article about how to get your church’s services out via the Internet without spending a lot of money. He’s clever like that. “This may come as a surprise, but getting our church’s services broadcast on the Internet was neither difficult nor expensive. Our church didn’t have a budget for video broadcasting, but it was something I really wanted to see happen; we’ve got several people in church who can’t come to the services because of their failing health, and I imagined the joy it would bring them to be able to watch the services live from their own home.”

Christian Beliefs - Clear Cut Media has done a DVD of Wayne Grudem’s Christian Beliefs. Piper says “Wayne Grudem is one of those very rare pastor-theologians who speaks and writes with equal clarity and faithfulness. That’s why listening is often even more satisfying than reading. I am glad his voice (and heart) is now available in this way.”

Chimby and Church - Ali and her African Adventures find themselves in a church service in the jungles of Peru.

VW Factory - This is pretty much amazing.

Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God. —Corrie ten Boom

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