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A La Carte (3/23)

Wasted Depression - I found this reflection on depression to be very helpful. “Depression makes people run away. That is why it is so easily wasted and so cleverly hidden from great minds and friends who can become very stupid when reacting against what they perceive to be character flaws or sins.”

Waiting to Belong - Together for Adoption is coming to Canada’s west coast. If you are in the Vancouver area, or anywhere near it, be sure to check out the web site and consider attending the conference.

Tebowing in New York - This article looks at some potential cultural and religious implications of the Tebow trade. “What’s baffling (aside from the fact that the Jets already have a perfectly good, if somewhat uneven, quarterback in Mark Sanchez) is the cultural incongruity. This particular Evangelical Christian athlete brings with him a well-defined, media-ready theological platform to a city full of people who have shown themselves to be apathetic, if not patently hostile, to such platforms.”

What the NSA Knows - “The NSA has been particularly insistent that all cybersecurity efforts should go through it, and an amazing, detailed and positively frightening article from James Bamford at Wired Magazine, which is ostensibly about the NSA’s massive new spy center in Bluffdale, Utah, but is really a rather detailed (and well-sourced) account of just how much spying the NSA is doing on pretty much all communications.”

The God Who Sees Me - Randy Alcorn shares a powerful story that is worth reading, but do note that some of the medical photos are somewhat graphic (As in, I think I’m going to be skipping breakfast this morning).

Birth of a Book - This short video shows how a book is made through traditional methods. Which is to say that ebooks aren’t made this way!

It is easier to save us from our sins than from our righteousness. —C.H. Spurgeon

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