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A La Carte (3/3)

T4G Study Tour Series
CJ Mahaney’s blog has a round-up of these study tour videos. I hadn’t yet seen John MacArthur’s; he completely cheats, but shares an amazing story you’ll want to hear.

MacHeist Nano Bundle
Mac users will want to take note of this new MacHeist bundle. For just $20 you can get a load of great programs.

Black Children, An Endangered Species
Dr. Mohler: “Catherine Davis is a woman with a message, and that message is getting harder to ignore. “Black children are an endangered species. … Her argument is simple and the statistics are irrefutable. She accuses abortion providers in general, and Planned Parenthood in particular, of targeting blacks for abortion. She told The New York Times, ‘The impact of abortion has become so great that it has begun to impact our fertility rate.’”

Churchill’s Greatness
Kevin DeYoung looks at Winston Churchill and finds lessons in his life.

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