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A La Carte (3/9)

In a couple of hours David Murray and I will be recording a podcast in which we’ll try to answer questions from people who listen to it (or people who just want to ask a question). So if there’s something you’d like to have us take a stab at answering, just leave a comment below.

Calling Men on International Women’s Day - Mary Kassian: “The message is that ‘true equality’ requires that women be treated exactly the same as men. Women will not be equal until the sexes have interchangeable roles, interchangeable jobs, interchangeable responsibilities … and even an interchangeable identity. Equality means interchangeablity.”

Band of Bloggers - Timmy Brister has put together another Band of Bloggers. This year’s edition will be held at Gospel Coalition. And I get to be one of the panelists. Fun!

Highest-Paid Players - A little baseball to brighten your morning. MLBTradeRumors (a must-visit site for the baseball fan) has a roundup of the biggest salaries from today, ten years ago and twenty years ago. It’s more than inflation.

High Fascism - This op-ed at the Times offers an interesting take on the fashion industry. A recent blow-up by a famous fashion designer invites “consideration of the curious relationship between French fashion and fascism.”

The Break with Bell - Denny Burk writes about why Zondervan broke up with Rob Bell and stopped publishing his books.

Livingstone Online - “Livingstone Online is an ongoing project that provides access to the medical and scientific writings of the missionary, doctor and African explorer David Livingstone (1813-1873). We currently offer detailed transcriptions of many of his letters and we aim to make all his medical and scientific writings freely available online.” (HT:PJ)

Video Games Aren’t Sinful - No, they’re just stupid. That’s what Mark Driscoll says in this video:

Morality may damn as well as vice. A vessel may be sunk with gold as well as with dung. —Thomas Watson

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