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A La Carte (4/1)

The Kindle version of The Next Story has fallen to $5.99. So get it while the getting is good. Just over a week from now the price will climb back to $9.99. And I’m pretty sure it’s not going to go any lower than $5.99.

2011 NatCon Messages - The messages from Ligonier’s recent National Conference are now available to watch online (or in some cases to download).

$5 Friday - Speaking of Ligonier, they’ve got a couple of excellent deals in today’s edition of $5 Friday.

The History of Printing - An interesting infographic.

The Dump-Truck of Merit - I appreciated this post: “There is little doubt that we have all experienced the following circumstance and reaction. Someone comes to let you know about something that you have said or done that is wrong. Whether it was ignorant or blatant, the bottom line is the consequence. The other individual is offended, hurt, or aware of something that you did that needs to be addressed.”

Good Friday in Toronto - My church will be joining with 4 others on Good Friday. Here are details if you happen to be in Toronto at the time.

The Little Stuff - “Warming up your day by knocking off a bunch of quick, easy tasks is tempting, but it can provide you with a false sense of accomplishment. The danger in this approach is that the bulk of your energy gets depleted over a bunch of insignificant tasks.”

Failure of Moral Effort - Z shares a story that Keller borrows and updates from Charles Spurgeon. Did you get all that? Just read it.

The Three R’s - Bob Kauflin explaines why we sing.

Smartest - This is good:


Though Christ died to take away the curse from us, yet not to take away the cross from us. —Thomas Watson

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