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A La Carte (4/11)


T4G Talks - The Together for the Gospel sessions are being added to this page a few hours after they’re delivered.

Overnight Success - This post is quite heartening. “The basic difference between successful people and the rest of us is that they’ve learned to fail well. They humbly embrace their mistakes, use them as opportunities to learn, and persevere until each shot got them nearer the bullseye.”

Titanic: The Reality - The reality of what happened aboard Titanic is very different from the stories that tend to be told. “In Cameron’s version, he depicts the wealthy as asserting their privilege over third-class passengers and crew so they could escape in lifeboats not made available to all, a depiction that plays on issues of class warfare and social inequality. In many cases, the opposite was true, according to documented historical accounts.”

Worship Leaders Are Not Rock Stars - It sounds obvious, of course, but it’s something worship leaders need to continually remind themselves of lest the lines begin to blur.

Thomas Kinkade - In this article Joe Carter introduces a Thomas Kinkade that many of us haven’t ever seen before. “Despite his extraordinary commercial success, Kinkade’s earlier work is largely unknown to audiences familiar with his later mass market works (typified by his trademark ‘cottage’ scenes).” I like his earlier work better!

We are to order our lives by the light of His Law, not by our guesses about His plan. —J.I. Packer

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