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A La Carte (4/12)

That’s Not Fair - “Sometime over the past few decades a mindset of ‘fair’ has developed, calling for everyone to finish in the exact same place and receive the exact same reward. Fair has become equity in the finish instead of equity in the process.”

MLJ Trust - Here’s some amazing news. The Martyn Lloyd-Jones trust has made 1600 of his sermons available for free online.

Famous Hymnwriters - “We church music guys — especially since the advent of the modern hymns movement — have come to think of Isaac Watts, Charles Wesley, Anne Steel, and other hymnists as an almost inhumanly good collective of writers, whose every lyrical phrase was more sublime than the preceding one.” Time for a reality check.

Learning from Liberals - This article offers “7 Lessons We Should Learn from the German Liberal Theologians and Higher Critics.” Because if we don’t learn from such people, we may find ourselves blundering into their errors.

Marrying Unbelievers - The Gospel Coalition has two different takes on the question of whether a minister should marry unbelievers. Deepak Reju says “yes” while Russell Moore says “no.”

Believing is a matter of the will. A man does not believe without being willing to believe. —C.H. Spurgeon

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