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A La Carte (4/15)

Again, I apologize for the lack of blogging over the past 3 days. I had assumed that I would have lots of things to blog about at The Gospel Coalition. Instead I found myself running around with barely any chance to write. But as of today things should pretty much be back to normal.

Terminal - This is a powerful article from a man whose daughter has been diagnosed with a terminal disease. “We have discovered some significant abnormalities on the brain.” The most frightful statement a doctor can say to a father about his daughter…”

Japan One Month Later - A photo essay from The Big Picture.

Is Hell Dead? - TIME’s cover story this month is on hell. Not surprisingly, it has a lot to say about Rob Bell and that whole controversy. Dr. Mohler covers it on his blog.

Kindle DX - The Kindle DX is on sale today only at Amazon (it’s the big Kindle).

A Wolf to Avoid? - John MacArthur asks if Rob Bell is a brother to embrace or a wolf to avoid. “If Christopher Hitchens or Deepak Chopra penned a book that scoffed at the biblical teaching on hell, we would not be surprised. So why would anyone be shocked or confused when Rob Bell writes Love Wins? Has Bell shown any more commitment to gospel truth, or any more devotion to the principle of biblical authority than Hitchens or Chopra?”

Timelapse - This is pretty cool. A guy pointed his camera out the window of an airplane and captured some great images of the aurora borealis.

Happier to be chained in a dungeon with a Paul than reign in the palace with an Ahab.C.H. Spurgeon

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