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A La Carte (4/19)

The Post-Christian Condition - Dr. Mohler writes about “Anders Breivik and the Limitations of Justice,” saying, “The trial of Anders Behring Breivik represents one of the greatest tests of human justice in decades.”

My Brother Can’t Cry - A touching article on disability: “My brother can’t cry. He can laugh — he loves to laugh! — and he can get angry and even sorrowful. But he can’t cry. At least, I’ve never seen him cry.”

Speak for the Unborn - After writing about that Louisville abortion clinic, I received a lot of very interesting feedback. Be sure to read Denny Burk’s article and then go to the blog he links to.

What’s Wrong with Theistic Evolution? - Kevin DeYoung lists “eight problems Wayne Grudem finds with theistic evolution. I realize he may not be an authority on these matters, but in typical fashion he distills the main points nicely and explain succinctly what unbiblical conclusions we must reach for theistic evolution to be true.”

The Elephant in the Room at T4G - David wades into some intimidating territory in this blog post: “Although commentary abounds about last week’s T4G (pros and cons, highlights and disappointments, etc), one question I have not seen raised is, Where were all our black brothers (and sisters)?”

Addiction to Excess - “Suppose we were to consider obesity not in terms of nutrition and health, but rather in terms of how it fits in with the overall picture of America. We Americans have, to put it mildly, a propensity for excess and bigness. We are the nation of big cars, big TV screens, big houses, big stores, and big malls. Obesity, on this account, is merely a part of our overall addiction to excess.”

The depths of our misery can never fall below the depths of mercy. —Richard Sibbes

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