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A La Carte (4/19)


Dispatches from the Front - Dispatches from the Front is a series of DVDs that I absolutely love. They have just shared the trailer for the newest episode which will be out next week. They sent me a preview DVD and I’ve already watched it twice!

Luther’s Desperation - Steve Fuller finds a lesson in Luther’s life: “God’s Word promises that your own prayers will powerfully bring God’s help. But since God’s Word encourages us to ask others to pray, that must mean their prayers will bring even more of God’s help.”

Christian Art - Over at Scribblepreach you’ll find some interesting reflections on Christians and art. “Rather than heaping more negativity onto the canvass of Christian criticism, I’d like to offer some positive tutorials the Bible offers on ‘art’. The Bible is an art masterpiece, created by a Master Artist. Here some of its pearls…”

The Kingdom of God - Jim Hamilton has a short primer on the kingdom of God. “Any kingdom will consist of a king, his realm, its citizens, and the law that regulates their lives. This is true of God’s kingdom as well. What follows is a short overview of the Bible’s presentation of God’s rule over God’s people in God’s place according to God’s law.”

Fragile Glory - David Niblack ran the Boston Marathon and, upon completing it and hearing of all the devastation, reflects on the marathoner’s fragile glory.

The devil will let a man prepare a sermon if that will keep him from preparing himself. —Vance Havner

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