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A La Carte (4/20)

Twelve Extraordinary Women - Books by the Box offers, well, books by the box. If you buy boxes of John MacArthur’s Twelve Extraordinary Women, for a Mother’s Day gift for all the women at your church, for example, you’ll pay less than $2 per book.

Rhema Marvanne - I am starting to see people link to videos of this little girl, an exceptional singer for a 7-year old (and one raised in a Christian home, no doubt, with a name like “Rhema”). And yet I always feel sad for such children and hopeful that she won’t go through life thinking that she is nothing but a good voice.

Francis Chan - Francis Chan has announced that he’s stepping down and stepping out in faith according to these interview ciips. Chan definitely marches to the beat of a different drummer, something I’ve come to appreciate about him.

Hookup Backlash - This is good to read, an article saying that more young people are fighting back against the hookup culture on college campuses.

Amazon.com and Canada - Amazon has been given the green light to open a distribution center in Canada. I see this as both good news and bad news. As usual, it’s good news for the consumer but bad news for the competition.

Bruce Ware on Godly Manhood - This talk, outlined by Owen Strachan, looks like it would be well worth the investment in time.

Owls, Fireflies and Jesus - Christianity Today interviews Adam Young, the [Christian] guy behind the breakout band Owl City. “I grew up in a Christian home, with the most wonderful parents a kid could ever ask for. I came to know the Lord in middle school after hearing a testimony at church. From then on, I’ve just wanted to serve Christ in every way I know how, music being the only thing I’ve ever considered myself any ‘good’ at. I guess my whole message or goal of this whole operation is to bring glory to Jesus Christ by all that I do and say, not just as it relates to Owl City, but in all areas of my life.”

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