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A La Carte (4/21)

The History of Computers in a Nutshell - It’s amazing to think how far computers have come in such a short time…and to think that what amazes us today will cause us to laugh just ten years from now.

Teen Texting Soars - NPR covers text messaging and why teens rely on it so heavily. Meanwhile DailyTech says that teen girls average 80 texts sent per day while boys average 30.

Do Popes Quit? - The New York Times asks the question. Look to history and you’ll see that popes die, popes are murdered, popes are dethroned but I don’t know that they ever quit.

Life on the Tibetan Plateau - Here you’ll find a couple of interesting articles about the recent Yushu earthquake. “Norbu flew across the room when the quake hit. My wife was also violently thrown to the ground. Everything in our apartment began to be tossed around, breaking when it hit the walls or floor. I ran to the back bedroom and grabbed Tsering and grabbed him as my wife grabbed Norbu off the floor. Together, we ran to the door. I paused long enough to grab my shoes, coat and a bit of money. I opened the door and one of our Tibetan neighbors assisted us in carrying Tsering down the 3 flights of stairs to the ground floor. All of us were in just our pajamas. I was the only one of my family who managed to get shoes.”

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