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A La Carte (4/24)


When Your Husband’s Heart Is Hard - Joy McClain: “I was a wife willing to stay and keep my vow, no matter what. I desired a good thing—a godly marriage. Yet I failed when that desire became a demand I placed on my husband who chased the elusive mistress of alcohol. He was locked in the prison of addiction while I was held captive by my pain.” She offers wisdom on how to wait for the Lord to work in an unbelieving husband.

Advice for Raising Godly Children - Here are “ten pithy sayings from John Witherspoon, Scottish Presbyterian pastor, President of Princeton (1768-1794), and signer of the Declaration of Independence, on parental authority and child rearing.” There is some real wisdom here.

Daily Devotionals with John Piper - “The new Solid Joys site is simple, and easy to use, and features 365 of the best devotional excerpts from John Piper’s online writings and from his ‘trilogy’ of books with Multnomah (Desiring God, The Pleasures of God, and Future Grace).”

How to Park - Here’s an infographic on how to park. I’ve been driving for twenty years and am still no better at parallel parking, so maybe this can help me.

Frazier Comes Through - I enjoyed this second look at a neat sports story.

I’m Not Wired That Way - Marc Cortez has some wise thinking about introversion. “It’s good that I enjoy being an introvert, but my enjoyment is not the highest goal of my existence. God’s glory is. And that often means doing things that are uncomfortable, unexpected, and undesired, working against my wiring when necessary as a (hopefully) faithful bearer of God’s image in the world.”

The man that is most busy in censuring others is always least employed in examining himself. —Thomas Lye

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