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A La Carte (4/25)

Wandering from the Truth - “It’s very rare that anyone ever decides to abandon the truth. What happens much more often is that people wander. It happens gradually.  It happens when you do not have any particular goal. You lose your moorings and you drift.” Here are four warning signs that you may be wandering from the truth. 

Envy Hunts in a Pack - Joe Rigney has an excellent article on an ugly sin. “We often lump envy and jealousy together, but there is an important distinction. Jealousy is oriented toward what we possess; envy is oriented toward the possessions of others. We are jealous for what we have (which is why jealousy is not always a sin); we are envious of what others have.”

Homeschool vs Public School - I appreciated Staci Eastin’s reflections on educating her children. “The school year is wrapping up. I’m finishing my tenth year of homeschooling. This is also the second year that my oldest has been in public school and the first year that my middle child has been in public school. This is the time of year that I tend to take stock.”

Hospitality - Aileen and I enjoyed reading through this very practical series of posts on hospitality.

Is the News Making Us Dumb? - Joe Carter is an excellent thinker when it comes to news and current events. In this article he asks whether the news is making us dumb. It’s an article well worth reading and considering.

A Response to Boston - Ed Welch says “The recent bombings at the Boston Marathon have been an echo of 9/11 for us. Here is the humanity—the reflections of God—that we have witnessed.”

The Super Rope Solution - I guess the ending to this film is a little bit obvious, but it’s still worth the journey. It is meant to be a commentary on our commitment to technology.

God would never permit any evil if he could not bring good out of evil. —Thomas Watson

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