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A La Carte (4/26)


8 Things We’ve Learned About Music - “The truth is we’re learning new things about music all the time. Here are eight studies published in just the past few months.”

When You Disconnect - “One of the primary principles of the work we teach at the Energy Project is that the greater the performance demand, the greater the need for recovery. I needed a vacation, but what I needed most of all was a period of total digital disconnection. My brain felt overloaded and I needed time to clear it out.” In a similar vein, here are 9 Questions To Ask About Your Social Media Addiction.

Praying for the Man Who Kills Babies - Stephen Altrogge thinks about Kermit Gosnell and writes, “How should we Christians respond to this kind of evil? After all, Jesus commanded us to pray for our enemies and to do good to those who mistreat us. So how do we respond to a man who has killed babies, hurt women, and committed other untold wicked deeds? We respond in two ways.”

Mothers Day - Mothers Day is coming up and at Cruciform Press we’ve got three books she might like, packaged together for just $14.99.

Is it ‘Unspiritual’ to be Discouraged? - Sinclair Ferguson: “From time to time over the centuries some Christians have taught, sometimes with tragic consequences, that a truly spiritual person never gets discouraged. To be cast down is, by definition, to be ‘unspiritual.’ Unless we are well-grounded in Scripture, it is very easy for us to be overwhelmed, confused, and even more discouraged by such teaching.”

Permitted or Pursued? - Though I’m not sure that I love the marriage analogy, this article still brings out an important point and one complementarians would do well to ponder. “I am not certain when it became common to speak of permitting rather than pursuing women to serve, but I admit that it grieves me.”

O think, that he who was master of all heaven’s majesty came down to be the victim of all man’s misery!C.H. Spurgeon

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