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A La Carte (4/9)


What We Can Learn from African Christians - I had intended to link to this article yesterday but the link somehow got messed up. So here it is again: an article on what we can learn from Christians in Africa.

Suicide and Christians - Responding to the news of Rick Warren’s son’s suicide, David Murray writes, “As well-publicized suicides tend to increase the suicide rate quite dramatically, I thought it would be good to address seven of the questions that arise in our minds at times like this.” (You may also want to check out his round-up of excellent articles on the subject).

Where Are Rob Bell’s Glasses? - John Dyer writes a little bit about Rob Bell’s new book, then says the “book hasn’t generated quite the firestorm his last book did, and while I think that and the content of Bell’s message are interesting, I’m even more fascinated by Bell’s uncanny ability to use various media to his advantage.”

Being Gay at Jerry Falwell’s University - Denny Burk: “I just finished reading what has to be one of the most riveting articles I’ve ever seen. The author is Brandon Ambrosino, and the title is ‘Being Gay at Jerry Falwell’s University.’ Writing for The Atlantic, Ambrosino tells his story of coming out as a homosexual while he was a student at Liberty.”

It is evident that our conversion is sound when we loathe and hate sin from the heart. —Richard Sibbes

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