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A La Carte (5/10)

Evolution’s End? - Dr. Mohler writes about President Obama’s evolution toward this new “historic and tragic milestone.” “An incumbent President of the United States has now called for a transformation of civilization’s central institution. And yet, no observer of this president could be surprised. The arrival of this announcement was only a matter of time.”

The Next Story - Matthias Media’s The Briefing has a kind and encouraging review of The Next Story. I guess it was a year ago now that the book released. Tempus fugit.

The 39 Clues - The 39 Clues series of books have been really popular with kids, including my own. Book Moms has been working their way through the series and reviewing them. They write a review and also offer a list of talking points.

Remember Your Creator - Here is a list of four reasons to remember your Creator in the days of your youth. Our enemy says, “Youth for pleasure, middle age for business, old age for religion.” The Bible says, “Youth, middle age, and old age for your Creator.”

Beyond Prevention - Brad Hambrick of The Summit Church has put together a Sexual Abuse Response Policy for Churches. “This policy is being shared publicly to serve as a resource for churches. Sexual abuse against children is frequent enough that the church must be prepared to respond. The well-being of children is at stake. The faith of generations in a family and entire communities are at stake.”

How Big Is the Universe? - Here’s another infographic’s take on how big (and how small) the universe is.

I believe nothing merely because Calvin taught it, but because I have found his teaching in the Word of God. —C.H. Spurgeon

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