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A La Carte (5/16)

Google in Africa - One of Google’s growing successes is bringing Africa online. “This burgeoning connectivity is making Africa faster, cleverer and more transparent in almost everything that it does.” The implications of this are almost difficult to overstate.

Share the Gospel with Muslims - This article outlines some ways you can share the gospel with Muslims.

Reality TV and Baby Names - Religion and reality TV are apparently the top sources of baby names today.

Time-Lapse of Europe - Here is a time-lapse video from ca 1000 AD until 2003 that shows Europe’s shifting borders, alliances, unions, territories, occupied land, and so on.

Rain for Roots - “Rain For Roots is a collective of songwriters, young mothers and friends who came together around a single vision to make new scripture songs for children. Inspired by traditional folk melodies, this band of four set out to make new, timeless songs about the old gospel Story.” (Use coupon code CHALLIES and you can get an easy 10% off.)

The New Normal - Erik Raymond writes about the new sexual normal.

Patience! patience! you are always in a hurry, but God is not.C.H. Spurgeon

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