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A La Carte (5/16)


How Do Fortune Cookies Get Written? - You’ve probably wondered at one time or another how fortune cookies get written. Now you know. (I have previously suggested some possible connection to Joel Osteen sermons.)

Religious Liberty in America - Denny Burk commends this article on the changing face of religious liberty in America. 

Idle of the Heart - “I continually run into young men who are frustrated at their stage in life in part because of a lack of clarity about their calling, or a lack of opportunity to do what they really want to do.  This frustration leads many to become idle. Inactive if not aimless.”

Apps to Help Share the Gospel - Apps are the new tracts. Here are 5 smartphone or tablet apps that can help you share the gospel.

Original Autographs and Original Texts - Michael Kruger addresses a contemporary challenge to the Bible: “At the core of this challenge is the fact that we only have handwritten copies of these books we treasure. And, in reality, we only have copies of copies of copies. And given that scribes made mistakes, and that the transmission process was imperfect, how can we be sure that these texts have been preserved? How can we be sure we actually have the words of Scripture?”

He who is a stranger to wonder is a stranger to God, for God is wonderful everyway, and everywhere, and everyhow. —C.H. Spurgeon

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