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A La Carte (5/18)

Screen Preaching - Christopher Ash writes about why he objects to preachers who speak to their congregations by way of a screen. “There are bad reasons for not liking video preaching, and thus it cannot be absolutely wrong. … But I think there are two kinds of reasons why remoteness ought to be regarded as the exception rather than the norm.”

Shai Linne and Paula White - In his new song “Fal$e Teacher$” Shai Linne calls out Paula White. White’s son subsequently responded with an open letter. Shai Linne has now done the same in an interesting back-and-forth.

George Beverly Shea - “George Beverly Shea, whose voice played as a praiseful soundtrack as thousands professed their faith in Christ, died Tuesday at the age of 104 after a brief illness,” reports WORLD magazine.

Should We Boycott Starbucks? - Nathen Busenitz writes about Starbucks’ moral stance and then looks at a similar situation in the New Testament to ask if we should boycott the chain.

Cheating Their Way to Fame - If you’re in the mood for a little bit of history, you may enjoy Smithsonian’s round-up of adventure travel hoaxes. It seems that a lot of people are looking for fame and willing to fabricate great deeds in order to have it.

Loud Music - How loud should music be in church? There’s no harm in seeing how Disney does it and following suit.

God is far more willing to save sinners than sinners are to be saved. —J.C. Ryle

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