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A La Carte (5/19)

Nothing Should Exist - Gene Edward Veith says “I hadn’t realized that science, despite all of the claims that it has all the answers, remains stuck at a very basic conundrum.” Science is still stuck on the problem that nothing should exist and yet, well, obviously plenty does exist.

Flooded - Jars of Clay has put together a benefit album to support the Nashville relief effort. At their site you can buy an EP for $1 with all proceeds going to that good cause.

Kindle’s Most Popular Bible Passages - Ray Fowler did some legwork and found out what Bible passages are the most commonly highlighted on the Kindle. Not surprisingly, a lot of the passages focus on trusting in God.

Arrested in Haiti - You remember the story of those Americans arrested and imprisoned on Haiti. Baptist Press has an article talking about how the story has wrapped up. The story they are telling is far, far different than the story we heard in the media, though that’s no great surprise to you, I’m sure.

Nicking Our Public Discourse - Mark Steyn, who has made a career out of being alarmist (and who does it so well), sounds the alarm about increasing capitulation to Islam. “At Ford Hood, Major Hasan jumped on a table and gunned down his comrades while screaming ‘Allahu Akbar!’ — which is Arabic for ‘Nothing to see here’ and an early indicator of pre-post-traumatic stress disorder. The Times Square bomber, we are assured by the Washington Post, CNN, and Newsweek, was upset by foreclosure proceedings on his house. Mortgage-related issues. Nothing to do with months of training at a Taliban camp in Waziristan.”

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