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A La Carte (6/12)


Three Buzzwords - “When writing and speaking about Christian themes, it can be easy to adopt the popular language associated with an idea without realizing the implications of the words we use to describe, teach, or communicate these concepts. It’s important for us to think through the way we talk and grasp the influence that our language has on how we understand certain concepts.” Here are three buzzwords we should think about.

Putting Sin to Death - Here is wisdom from the Puritans on putting sin to death. And while we’re on the subject of the Puritans, Paul Tautges has been reading Thomas Brooks and came up with several important counseling principles.

Breaking Ties with the Boy Scouts - I appreciate R.C. Sproul Jr’s answer to this question: “Should my family, or my church break ties with the Boy Scouts of America, given their decision to welcome openly homosexual scouts?”

False Sense of Progress - Maybe this is part of email’s tricky allure: “we like to feel that we’re making progress. So if you get to erase ten e-mails from your inbox, you feel like you have achieved something. But if you think carefully about it, it’s not clear that you’re going to get something out of it.”

Praying Terrifying Prayers - Erik Raymond writes about those times when we need to pray terrifying prayers.

Satan watches for those vessels that sail without a convoy. —George Swinnock

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